Ceramic temperature measurement ring

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  1. Ceramic temperature ring is a precision temperature measurement product, which is widely used in heating and firing process for the temperature data collection and monitoring. Temperature ring can be placed anywhere in the heating temperature furnace equipment or the heated products, and can accurately measure the temperature of the product or any position in the furnace. Temperature ring is made from inert ceramic material, so it doesn't pollute the furnace or the firing products .
  3. Working principle: in the operating temperature range, temperature ring contract when absorbing heat; measure its contraction and look up the corresponding temperature in the “Temperature/Contraction Table”, then the temperature of the test points will be able to obtained.
  5. Operating guidance: ceramic temperature ring is placed to where the temperature needs to be measured, such as kiln furniture, kiln cart or on the carrier board, or is placed together with the firing products, so it can be heated along with the products or the equipments. When heating or firing process is finished, remove the ceramic temperature ring, and measure its diameter by using a micrometer calliper or an electronic calliper. Look up the diameter on "Temperature/Diameter Table" to find the corresponding temperature, from which the corresponding temperature compensation should be subtracted while the ceramic temperature ring is kept at same temperature, and then the temperature of a location can be obtained.
  7. For accurately temperature measurement and easy to use, each batch of ceramic temperature ring has its own "Temperature/Diameter Table". Please note that the batch number marked on the ceramic temperature ring must be consistent with that on "Temperature/Diameter Table".
  9. We offer six types of ceramic temperature ring (650-1750 ℃), the user can choose a proper one according to their actual firing temperature range.
Please select the appropriate ceramic temperature ring model according to the following table
 Temperature Range Model Applications
 650-1000 ℃ A Low temperature household pottery, art pottery, tiles, pottery, battery materials, color glaze
 900-1200 ℃ B Low-temperature refractories, kiln furniture, tableware, construction brick, pre-synthetic ceramic material, color glaze, pottery, stoneware, rare earth pre-firing
 1100-1400 ℃ C Multilayer ceramic capacitors, ferrite, insulators, powder metallurgy, tungsten, sanitary ceramics, tableware, brick, grinding wheel, middle temperature refractories and kiln furniture
 1300-1600 ℃ D Magnetic materials, insulating ceramics, precision ceramics, dielectric ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, semiconductors, optical ceramics, biological and chemical functional ceramics, phosphors, kiln furniture, high temperature refractory
 1450-1750 ℃ E Precise structural ceramics, advanced functional ceramics, ceramic substrates, high temperature refractories and kiln furniture
Ceramic Temperature ring Specifications and packaging
 Model A, B, C, D, E
 Size OD 20mm, ID 10mm, Thickness: 6mm
 Accuracy 1-3 0C
 Package 10 ps/small box, 500ps/large box, 16 large box/case

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