Kiln furniture cordierite ceramic pads with rough edges

Product ID: 7aa2
Kiln furniture ceramic pad's material includes: cordierite, mullite - cordierite and corundum – mullite. It forms through press moulding, so features low heat storage, excellent thermal shock resistance and high quality.

Kiln furniture ceramic pads are widely used in firing kilns to produce mosaic, square bricks, tableware, sanitaryware, roofing tiles, industrial ceramics, magnetic materials. The products sell well and obtain the customer's widespread praise. Can provide custom-made order.

Material properties:
 Al2O3 Content  >35%
 MgO Content  >6.5%
 Fe2O3 Content  <0.1%
 Volumetric Density  1.8 g/cm3
 Use Temperature  <=1350 0C
 Thermal Conductivity  0.2 W/(m.K)
 Flexural Mechanical Strength  1.1 MPa
 Dimension  450*350*15 mm
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