Kiln furniture pad shed plate with holes

Product ID: 7aa5


The ceramic material of our kiln furniture products include: cordierite, mullite - cordierite and corundum - mullite.

The kiln furniture products are formed through mould pressing, which features low level of heat storage, good thermal shock resistance and excellent quality. They are widely used in firing kilns in the production of mosaic, square bricks, tableware ceramics, sanitary ware ceramics, roofing tiles, magnetic materials and advanced ceramics.

The product received universal acclaim from customers. The main specifications are: pad plate, shed plate, push plate, sagger, ceiling panel, pillars and burner brick.

We provide custom-made products.


Material properties


  Pad Plate Shed Plate
 Al2O3 % >35>45 
 Mgo % >6.5 >3.0
 Fe2O3 % <1.0<1.0 
 Bulk Density g/cm3 <1.8<2.0 
 Working Temperature 0C <=1350<=1350 
 Flexural Strength MPa 0.060.06 
 Thermal Conductivity Coefficient W/(m.K) 0.230.23 
 Regular Size mm 300x450x15300x450x15 

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