Mortars with spout Pestles Glazed

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Ceramic mortar is made of high strength, wear resistance ceramics, which has smooth outer surface and rough inner surface that suitable to grinding, and has incomparable advantages over machine tool, is mainly used for grinding of solid substances, or for mixing solid powder, and hence an excellent aparatus in laboratory, industrial analysis and household.

Use instruction

When grinding, the mortar should be placed on level surface which is not slippry, and the pestle should be kept straight upword. Turning clockwise to grind. After grinding, the pestle should be kept without moving to avoid falling to break.

Explosive material can only be lightly crushed, rather than ground.

Large pieces of solid can also noly be curshed, not broken up with a pestle, otherwise the mortar or pestle shall be damaged, or the solids shall spill out.

The loading in a mortar can not exceed 1/3 of its capacity.

When washing a mortar, rinse it with water first. If the mortar is attached with substances that is difficult to wash, adding a small amount of salt, grinding, and then wash the mortar with water.


Material Properties:
Al2O3 Content >45%
Bulk Density >2.4 g/cm3
Water Absorption <0.2%
Carbon Content <0.02 %
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 20 - 1000 0C, 3.6 x 10-6 /0C
Thermal Shock Resistance Cooling from 100 0C to Tamb 3 times, no cracking
Maximum Use Temperature 1250 0C
Dimension of Mortars and Pestles


Mortars with spout Glazed
Rim dia (mm) Bottom dia (mm) Height (mm)
100 60 45
130 80 62
160 90 74
216 114 90
254 130 110
305 160 140
356 180 150

Pestles Glazed

Head dia (mm) Length (mm)
30 110
37 140
42 170
48 200
55 230
65 260
75 310


Can produce a variety of irregular - shaped products, according customer requirements.
We provide chemical porcelain products including: crucible, evaporating pan, mortar, funnels, combustion boats, ceramic tubes, etc., widely used in metallurgy, iron and steel, petroleum, electronics, machinery, textiles, chemicals, coal, medicine and other fields of scientific research and production.

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