Silicon Carbide Ceramic Burner (SiC)

Product ID: 7aa1
Our top grade silicon carbide ceramic burner is fabricated by using high quality silicon carbide raw material, advanced formula, and high temperature firing process. The product has excellent oxidation resistance and is very stable at high temperature: no deform, no dregs, and features in thin thickness and large volumetric density, effective energy conservation as well.
The raw materials include: Oxide bonded silicon carbide (OBSiC), Silicon nitride binded silicon carbide (NBSiC), Reaction sintered silicon carbide (SiSiC) and Recrystallized silicon carbide (ReSiC).
Main Applications include: tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln sintering sanitary ceramics, structural ceramics, micro-crystal glass, ceramic magnetic materials, ceramics tableware and electric porcelain, etc.
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Material properties:
 SiC Content 90%99% 
Open Porosity <0.1% <16% 
Volumatric Density (g/cm3 >3.02 >2.65
 Use Temperature1380 0 1650 0C
Flexural Strength @ 23 0 >250Mpa90-100MPa 
 Compressive Strength @ 23 0C 560MPa 560MPa
Flexural Strength>280MPa @ 1200 0>100MPa @ 1400 0
Elastic Module 280 GPa 250 GPa 
 Thermal Conductivity45 W/(m.K) @ 1200 024 W/(m.K) 
 Dimension dia 500 mmdia 500 mm 
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