Pipeclay Ceramic Triangle

Product ID:79aa12
Pipeclay ceramic trangle is made up of three iron wires that twisted together, which are sheathed with three unglazed porcelain tubes. It shapes in triangle hence the name pipeclay triangle.
According to the size of the crucible, there are three types pipeclay ceramic triangle can be chosen: 55mm, 65mm and 75mm (by the length of ceramic tube).
In the laboratory, pipeclay triangle is usually used in conjunction with iron tripod to heat crucible. Crucible is commonly made from porcelain, the iron tripod is made of iron. Due to the different coefficients of expansion of iron and porcelain, heating crucible in direct contact with the iron tripod may result in porcelain crucible crack. Pipeclay triangle is not easy to crack owing to its relative simpler shape than crucible, thickness and its heat-resistant ceramic tubes. In addition its iron wires are strong enough to support heavy crucible. So When heating the crucible or object by a Bunsen burner (or alcohol burner) in laboratory, a pipeclay is usually placed on the iron tripod to protect ceramic crucible from cracking.

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