7.2kV 630A 12.5kA

Product ID: 269ab1-3
Circuit breaker ceramic vacuum interrupter 7.2kV 630A 12.5kA
Technical parameter
Type 7.2kV 630A 12.5kA
Rated voltage 7.2kV
Rated current 630A
Rated short-circuit breaking current 12.5kA
Rated short-circuit current (peak) 31.5kA
Rated peak withstand current 31.5kA
Rated short time withstand current 12.5kA
Rated short circuit duration
Rated single capacitor bank breaking current
Rated back-to-back capacitor bank breaking current
Short time (1min) Power frequency withstand voltage 42kV
Lightning impulse withstand voltage 75kV
Rated contact pressure limit circuit resistance ≤21μΩ
Rated short circuit breaking current breaking times
Mechanical life 10000 times
Maximum contact distance 10mm
Contact Closing Force 110±40N
Contact anti-force 130±20N
Contact to allow the wear thickness 3mm
Rated operating sequence
Contact opens the distance 8±1mm
Contact ultra-travel 3±1mm
Average opening speed 1±0.2m/s
The average closing speed 0.8±0.2m/s
Nominal contact pressure 1000±50N
Contact closing bounce time ≤2mS
Contact switch and different periods of sub-gate ≤1mS
Tripping contact bounce amplitude
Rated making current
Limit breaking current
The maximum mass of the interrupter
Installation diagram
Circuit breaker ceramic vacuum interrupter 7.2kV 630A 12.5kA installation