Contactor ceramic vacuum interrupter

Product ID: 269ab2
Contactor ceramic vacuum interrupter consists of ceramic shell, vacuum interrupter media. Small size, high pressure, breaking capability, long life, maintenance-free contact, safe, reliable, etc.. Widely used for coal, electricity, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum and other industrial sectors. The product is accompanied by the appropriate actuator, can be assembled into high and low voltage AC vacuum contactor and high and low voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker for power distribution, remote control or breaking of motors, transformers, capacitor, especially for composed of flameproof vacuum switch .
Contactor ceramic vacuum interrupter parameter
Rated voltage
Rated current Rated switching current/time Rated breaking current/time Short time (1min) Power frequency withstand voltage Rated resistance under the contact pressure
1.14kV 80A  1.14kV 80A 1.0kA/50 0.8kA/50 10kV ≤100μΩ
1.14kV 125A 1.14kV 125A 1.0kA/50 0.8kA/50 10kV ≤100μΩ
1.14kV 160A 1.14kV 160A 1.0kA/50 0.8kA/50 10kV ≤100μΩ
1.14kV 160A (W001) 1.14kV 160A 1.6kA/50 1.25kA/50 10kV ≤100μΩ
1.14kV 250A 1.14kV 250A 2.5kA/50 2kA/50 10kV 120μΩ
1.14kV 630A 1.14kV 630A 6.3kA/50 5kA/50 10kV 100μΩ
3.3kV 500A 3.3kV 500A 4kA/50 3.2kA/50 23kV 100μΩ
7.2kV 630A 7.2kV 630A 6.3kA/50 5.0kA/50 32kV 150μΩ
12kV 630A 12kV 630A 6.3kA/50 5.0kA/50 42kV 55μΩ