Infrared honeycomb ceramic burner plate

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Infrared honeycomb ceramic burner plate 2
Infrared catalytic burner is a porous ceramic honeycomb panels attached to the catalyst as a burning stove, made ​​use of advanced science and technology design. As a result of the ideal combustion - catalytic combustion of methane gas can be more fully combustion, maximize the energy of the gas, while also reducing flue gas pollution (CO <0.02% of NOx <10 ppm), completely to meet national environmental standards; catalytic combustion but also to eliminate the infrared combustion prone to coking phenomenon, to effectively extend the life of the burner; our catalytic combustion in the hole of the porous ceramic honeycomb board, it is true flameless combustion, produce most of the energy released in the form of infrared radiation, infrared has a strong penetration can stimulate the resonance of water molecules, so that the heat to penetrate into the depths of the object to be heated evenly. in order to ensure uniform heating effect to achieve the purpose to improve the heating quality and drying efficiency.

Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Plate, mainly for gas-fired infrared burners. Such a ceramic plate by honeycomb ceramic plate surface to improve the simple planar corrugated staggered three-dimensional, increasing the specific surface area and combustion area, which play a regenerative combustion role to achieve more complete combustion flame seedlings to reach the infrared burner heating effect, in order to achieve low power consumption and high environmental requirements. Overcome the planar flame in the combustion of the gas is too long, burning inadequate, resulting in high energy consumption, emissions low enough to deficiencies.


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Infrared burner has the following characteristics

1. Use of liquefied petroleum gas, clean, environmentally friendly.

2. High thermal efficiency, economical and practical, the cost of gas consumption than the power consumption savings of 50%.

3. Install a convenient and simple. Compared with the electric dryer, reduce costs by more than half.

Therefore, using the infrared burner has become the industrial heating, drying, thermal insulation of a new technology, new vigorous, it has been widely used in industrial paint, printing and dyeing, food and other industries and fields.

Typical applications

1. Bake furnace

2. Food baking production line computer automatic dryer

3. Dedicated gas infrared oven

4. Food grilled cabinet

5. Food baking line

6. Spray the bottom of the production line installation

We produce honeycomb ceramic infrared radiation effect, high strength, combustion does not change color, not coke, burning fireworks hole to plug, no glitches, uniform pore size, ignition and burning half a minute into the infrared effects, ceramic burning a hours after watering not rupture, the burning area established by the BTU.

Technical parameters
Property Value
Density g/cm3 0.6-0.7
Water absorption 40-50%
Flexural strength kgf/cm2 10-20
Coefficient of thermal expansion 10-6/K 1.5-2
Thermal conductivity W/(m.K) 1.1-1.3
Maximum use temperature ℃ 1200
Thermal shock performance (20-1000 °C) No crack 10 times