About Us

Induceramic was founded in Canada in 2006 specializing in industrial ceramic products and equipment. Induceramic dedicates to advanced ceramics. We devote ourselves to this most fabulous material in the world. The science and technologies have turned the ceramics, the ancient appliances, to the irreplaceable engineering material in the world now. As one of the three basic materials, ceramics has many Superior features over metals and polymers in a variety of applications. The amazing of industrial ceramics constantly drives us to put ourselves to research the properties, the fabricating and the applications of this material.

Induceramic focus on the applications. Industrial ceramics has many predominant properties that can be used in lot of critical applications. Engineers are keen to look for the right materials or products that meet the requirements in their projects, but quite often they compromise with other lest suitable materials in the end due to the lack of the professional knowledge of industrial ceramics. We are industrial ceramics experts. We investigate the applications in the positions of the users and provide them the right products for them to click to buy.

Induceramic setup strong relations with suppliers. Industrial ceramics manufacturers and distributors provide the products and services to their target clients. They keep good sales records in their niche markets, but they are either unaware of, or incapable of exploring the huge potential market outside their target scopes. We are experienced in technical market exploring and we help our suppliers to extend their products and service to the every corner of the world.