Foam cement insulation board

Product ID: 81aa1

Application categories: Construction, building materials / Functional materials / Fire-resistant, fireproofs material

Foam cement insulation board 1
Foam cement insulation board 2
Foam cement insulation board 3

Product types: thermal insulation board

Material: Cement

Grade: Class A

Thermal conductivity (room temperature): 0.056 (W/(m·K))

Use temperature: 1000-1200 0C

Compressive strength: 0.10-1.00 MPa,

Specification: 300 x 600 mm

Forms: micro-shaped

Core material: Sulphoaluminate cement

Range of applications: the shape of the external wall insulation systems: rectangular

Product introduction

Inorganic foam insulation Board is a fire-proof, heat insulation, comprehensive, high-performance insulation material; it embodies the porous lightweight, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, low thermal conductivity, and Class A fire insulation materials for construction, and other advantages. The essence of it in and improvement of inorganic cementing agent, agents, foaming agents, and so after science proportion, special equipment for the processing, conservation, cutting, styling, surface treatment production process, widely used in has a huge market for construction of exterior wall thermal insulation system. Is the alternative to EPS, XPS, PU foam sheet, has come out of the product, will be a revolution of the insulation industry, and industry competitors hold differences PA, has a broad development prospects.

Product features

1. Fire protection, waterproof

This product is made of inorganic chemical materials, fire-resistant high strength, good resistance to water, flammability class A1, superior safety.

2. Environmental protection and energy saving

Non-toxic, harmless, no radiation, pollution-free environment, in line with the national energy saving policy.

3. No age, no crack

The product by an aging resistance of inorganic materials, and building life the same, can make life thermal insulation of buildings.

4. Thermal insulation is good, strong weatherability

The product heat preservation performance is good, and cycling frozen 25 tests, surface cracking, do not split, heat insulation effect, particularly in the summer, can completely do not care of exterior wall thermal insulation and energy saving requirements. Is now comprehensive inorganic thermal insulation material of the best.

5. Product specifications

Can be customized according to customer needs, make specification 1x1x2 m, free to slice through cutting machine 250x25x100mm 1000x2000x20mm.