Silicon Nitride Ceramic Ignitor (Si3N4)

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This product takes tungsten wire as heat source which is buried in silicon nitride (Si3N4) substrate, through hot-pressing forming, sintering, grinding, and welding wire, to obtain ignition component. Due to adopting silicon nitride ceramic (Si3N4) as heating substrate material, this ignition overcomes all the drawbacks that the metal sleeve electric plug possesses: no high temperature tolerance, short life and long warming up time, etc., and can be made into proper shapes to fit application requirements.

Silicon nitride ceramic (Si3N4) ignition features in:

    • High electric insulation strength: No breakdown for 1 minute, at 2500V, 50Hz, and room temperature
    • High application temperature: maximum 1200 0C in air
    • High power at unit surface, up to 25 W/cm2
    • Small thermal inertia and fast heating, surface temperature can be increased to 1100 0C in 15 seconds
    • Acid and alkali corrosion resistance
    • Small size and light weight
    • Long service life up to 5000 h
    • Power on / off circle can reach 10 million times
    • Fast Preheat: when preheat temperature is 850 0C, the preheating time only need 3 to 5 seconds
    • Low-temperature starting performance: -30 0C reliable starting
    • High strength at high temperature, suitable for high-speed diesel engines and various high-temperature ignition

Properties and Specifications (at Room Temperature)

Performance Comparison:

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Ignitor and Metal Ignitor

Silicon nitride (Si3N4) ignitor is widely used in domestic, industrial and commercial applications. Typical applications include:

    • Oil type medium ignition
    • Gas ignition
    • Burner ignition
    • Preheat ignition
    • A variety of high-temperature ignition

According to rated power/voltage and heating zone dimension, there are 5 types of Si3N4 ceramic ignitor available. Custom size Si3N4 ceramic ignitors are also provided upon request. Please refer to Available Feedthrough Type for optional feedthrough.

Rated Voltage: 6-24 V

Rated Power: 30-90 W

Heating Zone


Rated Voltage: 6-24 V

Rated Power: 30-90 W

Heating Zone


Rated Voltage: 24 -60 V

Rated Power: 100-250W

Heating Zone


Rated Voltage: 24-130V

Rated Power: 200-350W

Heating Zone


Rated Voltage: 24 - 150 V

Rated Power: 250 - 400 W

Heating Zone