Water resistant honeycomb activated carbon

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Water resistant honeycomb activated carbon 1

Water resistant honeycomb activated carbon 1

Water resistant honeycomb activated carbon is fabricated through activated sintering, which has the following properties:

    • high strength

    • good adsorption

    • superior dynamic performance

    • small resistance to fluid

    • withstanding heat, acid and alkali

    • good mechanical strength

    • easy to be impregnated

    • large specific surface area

    • easy operation

    • long life

Water resistant honeycomb activated carbon 2

Water resistant honeycomb activated carbon 2

Water-resistant honeycomb activated carbon can be used in the adsorption purification, separation and recovery, catalyst carrier, and environmental industries, especially suitable for purification of large flow and low concentrations organic waste gas.

Due to its better properties such as: the larger specific surface area, the good benzene adsorption performance and the low air flow pressure drop, water-resistant honeycomb activated carbon is superior to other similar activated carbon products. It can be used to absorb:

carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, benzene, xylene, acetone, ethanol, ethyl ether, methanol, acetic acid, styrene, light gas, gasoline, kerosene, odor, etc.

Main technical specifications:

    • Dimension: 100 × 100 × 100mm (tolerance ± 1mm); 100 × 100 × 200 mm (vertical tolerance of ± 2mm)

    • Hole density: 50, 100, 150 holes / square inch

    • Bulk density: 0.38-0 .42g/ml

    • Absorption of benzene: > 35%

    • Specific surface area: 600 m2 / g

    • Use temperature: <350 ° C (desorption temperature shall not exceed the ignition point of absorbed organic waste gas)

    • Compressive strength :> 0.8MPa

    • Wind flow speed in empty tower: 0.8m / s (bed thickness 60cm, resistance: 490pa)

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