Silicon Nitride Ceramic Heating Element (Si3N4)

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Silicon nitride ceramics (Si3N4) has excellent performances as: high mechanical strength at high temperature, wear-resistant, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high hardness at high temperature and self-lubricating, it is a better choice over its competitors in applications with high temperature, corrosion, mechanical wear and other extreme harsh conditions in aerospace, petroleum and chemical engineering. Silicon nitride ceramics (Si3N4) can be widely used in electrical, mechanical, machining industry to replace the original traditional metal parts.

Because of the material properties and manufacturing processes, the metal heating element, which is widely used in electric appliances currently, has problems associated to low electrical insulation and low security level. The surface of the metal heating element is easy to produce scale, to burst, and to leakage current, resulting in security risks.

Silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic heating element provides a good solution to all these problems:

    • Anti-oxidant. Silicon nitride (Si3N4) materials have strong anti-oxidant capacity, which prevents the heating element of metal or other non-metallic from self-oxidation, aging and leakage current;
    • Automatic cleaning function. With high chemical stability, silicon nitride (Si3N4) materials effectively prevent acid corrosion and scaling. In addition, the energy buildup quickly on the heating surface, the accumulated scale will automatically fall off when reaching 0.5 mm in thick, keeping the heating element efficient working condition;
    • Corrosion resistance. Silicon nitride (Si3N4) heating elements possess 10 times stronger corrosion resistance than stainless steel, which extends the service life to more than 5000-15000 hours.

According to their uses, silicon nitride (Si3N4) heating elements fall into three categories:

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