Zirconia Ceramic Abrasive Bead

Product ID: 270aa1

Application Categories: Hardware Tools / Abrasives / artificial abrasive

zirconia abrasive bead

Zirconia beads are made of Yttrium stabilized zirconia, which is excellent in crystallization and performance. According to the different content of zirconia, zirconia beads can be divided into 95% zirconium oxide beads and 80% zirconium oxide beads. Zirconia beads feature in good properties and are widely used in ultra-fine grinding and dispersion of non-metallic minerals, paints, coatings, inks, electronic materials, magnetic materials and other industries. Zirconia beads have the following characteristics:

  • Big specific gravity, can shorten the grinding time and improve production efficiency,
  • High strength, high hardness, not easy broken, no peel,
  • Good toughness, wear resistant, do not pollute the grinding materials, long life,
  • Whiteness, smooth surface, nonporous, easy to clean,
  • Good sphericity, good roundness,
  • Suitable for high viscosity materials at high line speed and ultra-fine requirement,
  • To achieve the desired grinding fineness.

Technical data:

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