Ceramic honeycomb

Ceramic honeycomb manufacturing process

Ceramic honeycomb manufacturing process

The ceramic honeycomb is the last three decades the development of a structure like honeycomb shape a new type of ceramic products. First used in a small car exhaust purification widely used in chemical, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery and other industries, but also more widely, the prospects for development is considerable.

Ceramic honeycomb countless equal holes of various shapes, the largest number of holes have reached every square cm of 20 to 40, the density of 4 to 6 grams per cubic centimeter, the water absorption up to 20%. The geometric surface area of the carrier due to the characteristics of the porous thin wall, greatly increased and improved thermal shock resistance, current products, the mesh holes on the triangle and the Quartet, The Triangle is much better than the quad endurance, number of holes is also more, which is especially important as a catalyst carrier. With the number of holes per unit area of the improvement and the reduction of carrier pore wall thickness, the thermal shock resistance of the ceramic substrate in the trend is to improve the thermal shock damage temperature is raised. Ceramic honeycomb must be to reduce the coefficient of expansion and increase the number of holes per unit area.

The coefficient of thermal expansion is the key performance indicators, the current level of ≤ 1.0 × 10-6 /℃ (25-1000 ° C). The first production of ceramic honeycomb raw materials such as kaolin, talc, aluminum powder, clay, and today has exceeded, especially diatomaceous earth, zeolites, expansive soils, and refractory applications, ceramic honeycomb increasingly widespread application performance increasingly the better.

The main products of the ceramic honeycomb regenerative filler, activated carbon, activated alumina, molecular sieves, porcelain balls, tower packing and catalyst of dozens of products. Honeycomb ceramic regenerator packing heat capacity of 1000J / (kgK) above, the use of temperature ≥ 1700 ° C, up to 40% fuel savings in the furnace, baking, soaking furnace, pyrolysis furnace, kiln, production increased by more than 15% of the flue gas temperature below 150 ° C.

Activated carbon powder or particles made of a ceramic honeycomb shape, which greatly improves the purification of water treatment and waste water treatment capacity, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, antibiotics, hormones, vitamins, nucleic acid injection, and a variety of injections, drugs such as dehydration decolorization impurities.

Honeycomb ceramic packing filler than any other shape of greater specific surface area, strength and better enable the vapor-liquid distribution is more uniform, lower bed resistance, better, and extend the service life in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry for the filler effect is quite good.

Ceramic honeycomb used in the catalyst advantage. Honeycomb ceramic materials using a unique coating materials, precious metals, rare earth and transition metal preparation, and thus has the advantages of high catalytic activity, good thermal stability, long life, high strength.

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