Activated Alumina

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Product Dimensions

Φ1-2, Φ2-3, Φ3-5, Φ4-6, Φ5-8mm

Activated Alumina Appearance

Activated alumina white spherical porous particles, particle size uniform, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, moisture absorption, after absorbing water, swelling does not crack remain intact, non-toxic, odorless, insoluble in water, ethanol, has a strong absorption of fluoride, mainly for the high fluoride drinking water in fluoride removal.

Selective adsorption

Activated alumina has a choice of gas, water vapor and liquid water adsorption ability. After heating at about 175-315 ° C Adsorption saturation can be removed of water and renewable. Adsorption and regeneration can be repeated. In addition to use as a desiccant, but also adsorption of oil vapors from pollution such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas. And can be used as catalysts and catalyst supports and chromatography carrier.

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Under certain operating conditions and regeneration conditions, activated alumina drying depth is 70 degrees below the dew point temperature. This product can be used as a high fluoride drinking water fluoride removal agent (fluoride removal capacity), alkylbenzene production of cyclic alkanes defluorination agent, transformer oil deacidification regenerant used as the oxygen industry, textile industry, electronics industry gas drying, automated instrument air drying and desiccant, dry fertilizer, petrochemical industry and purifying agent (the dew point up to -40 degrees), pressure swing adsorption air separation industry dew point up to -55 degrees. Efficient deep trace water drying desiccant, is ideally suited for the lack of thermal regeneration of the device.


prior to use, do not open the package, to avoid moisture absorption, affect the results.

this product is applicable in the depth of drying, the use of pressure greater than 5 kg / square cm is appropriate.

after a certain period of time, the adsorption performance will gradually decline in need of regeneration, the removal of adsorbed moisture, for repeated use.

Packaging and storage

25kg / bag (lined with plastic bags, with outer surface of plastic sheeting woven).

This product is non-toxic, shall be waterproof, moisture, contact with oil or oil vapor is strictly prohibited.

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Application range

  1. Fluoride removal agent
  2. Desiccant
  3. Sulfur recycling
  4. Air separation
  5. Catalyst carrier
  6. Production of Hydrogen Peroxide

Fluoride removal agent

Activated alumina fluoride removal agent is white pellets, good physical properties, high strength, non-toxic, odorless, soaked in water for does not become soft, does not swell, is not broken completely reliable to use, easy regeneration, long life, the activated alumina fluoride removal agent purified water can meet the state drinking water health standards, activated alumina fluoride removal agent is a huge specific surface area of the molecular adsorbent. Activated alumina fluoride removal is similar to the anion exchange resin, but the fluoride ion is more selective than anion resin. When the raw water pH value is low, the high

activated alumina 3

fluoride removal capacity greater than 2.1mg / g, the price is lower than the synthetic resin, smaller particle size allows the product surface area is relatively large, typically 1-3mm, when used with water have a greater contact area. Specific surface area is up to 300m2 / g or more, a huge amount of microspores, can guarantee a strong adsorption capacity and high fluoride removal capacity of fluoride ions in the water.


Activated alumina desiccant material is non-toxic, odorless, not powder, insoluble in water, white spherical staff with strong adsorbing water ability. In certain operating and regeneration conditions its depth of drying is -40 ℃ below dew point temperature, is efficient depth desiccant drying trace water. Widely used in gas, liquid drying for petrochemical, textile industry, industrial oxygenating and automated instrument, pressure swing adsorption air separation industries. Single molecule adsorption layer has high net heat so it is ideal for device without thermal regeneration.

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Sulfur recycling

Sulfur recycling activated alumina is white spherical particles, insoluble in water and organic solvents, can be dissolved in acid and alkali solution, and has absorption phenomena in the air, does not crack, and swell after absorbing water. It has high strength, resistance to sulfate poisoning and thermal stability characteristics. This product is used as catalysts in petrochemical and other industries processing acidic staff, turning them into sulfur and recycling by changing these staff through liquefaction. It can be used as a catalyst for Claus sulfur recycling unit, the conversion rate high, long life, is effect in flue gas desulphurization. Suitable to H2S acid gas refinery, natural gas desulphurization plant, city gas plant and petrochemical plants, chemical plants Claus sulfur recycling process.

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Air separation

Air separation used activated alumina is multi-pore and has a strong affinity for water, a unique skeleton structure, stable specific surface area, high compressive strength, low wear, suitable pore structure, low impurity content, not only contain amorphous alumina gel also contains hydroxide crystals formed rigid skeleton structure, thus very stable. When immersed in water it will not soften, swell or crack. Wear and impact resistance. Does not become soft when soaked into water in the use medium, not inflated, non-chalking, it is widely used in petrochemical gas, liquid drying, the textile industry, air separating oxygen production industry.

Catalyst carrier

Activated alumina catalyst carrier is white, spherical porous material, non-toxic, odorless powder, insoluble in water, ethanol. Produced by special technology, has a unique skeleton structure, strong affinity with the active component, the product is uniform pore distribution, suitable pore size, pore volume, high water absorption, bulk density, good mechanical properties, good stability, suitable for catalyst support. Activated alumina is used to prepare Co-Mo sulfur resistant shift catalyst, which features in good activity at low temperature, wide operating temperature range, short cure time, is suitable for small and medium ammonia plant.

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Production of Hydrogen Peroxide

Production of hydrogen peroxide used activated alumina is white, spherical porous material; non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, insoluble in water and organic solvent such as esters, hydrocarbons, alcohols, no softening and powdering in water and alkali, high clarify, long life, special adsorbent for anthraquinone production of hydrogen peroxide on the degradation of anthraquinone derivatives and regenerative ability.

In addition to the adsorption of the working fluid in alkali, this product has a strong regenerative capacity to hydrogenated degradation, can convert the increased degradation staff in the hydrogenation into effective anthraquinone, to ensure the stability of the total effective amount of anthraquinone, to favor oxidation reaction, and to reduce the amount of anthraquinone, so save operating costs. At the same time, taking into account the needs of the regeneration, activated alumina in the production of hydrogen peroxide ensures good mechanical properties, small changes in the activity after the regeneration.

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Technical specifications