Ceramic Foam Insulation

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Ceramic foam insulation features its low density, high-strength and excellent thermal shock resistance, playing an important role in high temperature insulating. Being ceramic fiber free, ceramic foam insulation product is a great substitute to Aluminosilicate, Mullite and Alumina Ceramic Fiber. The main specifications of ceramic foam insulation are as following:

custom ceramic foam insulation

The advantages of Ceramic Foam High Temperature Insulation include:

    • Free of ceramic fiber and organic binder.
    • High application temperature from up to 1750 °C.
    • Higher strength than refractory ceramic fiber and lightweight ceramic brick.
    • Ultra-low density: 0.2-0.5 g/cm3
    • Low Thermal Conductivity and Linear Thermal expansion coefficient.
    • Great Thermal Shock Resistance.
    • Easily machined by CNC.
    • Safe and rapid maintenance.
Ceramic foam insulation board

Example applications of ceramic foam insulation are:

    • 1000-1750°C laboratory or industrial furnace lining.
    • SiC or MoSi2 heated furnace lining.
    • Furnace, kiln and oven hot face lining.
    • Kiln furniture and light kiln cars.

High temperature application with H2, CO or other reducing / oxidizing atmosphere.

Ceramic foam insulation properties