Activated carbon

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Activated carbon is a very good adsorbent. It is produced from raw materials: charcoal, a variety of husk and high quality coal through physical and chemical methods such as, crushing, sifting, and catalyst activating, rinsing, drying and screening and series of machining processes. It has the dual characteristics of the physical and chemical adsorption, selective adsorption of various substances in the gas phase, liquid phase in order to achieve the bleaching refining, disinfection deodorant decontamination and purification.

With excellent physical and chemical properties and huge surface area, activated carbon has been widely used in military, food, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, biological and chemical industry purification process; it can remove a variety of trace toxic and harmful chemicals. In bleaching refining processing of biological or synthetic production of food, medicines and health products, the recycling of organic volatile gases and purification, water purification treatment, activated carbon adsorption purification has become a preferred method.

Activated carbon also has good regeneration properties and can be recycled, thus reduces operating costs and improves resource utilization. Activated carbon plays a very important role in industrial production and in people's daily live, and has become an indispensable adsorption material in modern society.

activated carbon introduction


Application areas and typical applications

  1. Petrochemical industry
    1. Gasoline alkali-free sweetening,
    2. Refining mercaptan removal,
    3. Reforming catalyst refining unit
    4. Ethylene desalination refining filler
    5. Carrier of the catalyst (palladium, platinum, rhodium, etc.) - styrene, continuous reforming unit
    6. Water purification and sewage treatment – feeding water and effluent water, depth treatment
  2. Electric power industry
    1. Power plant water treatment systems and protection - boiler units
  3. Chemical industry
activated carbon 2
    1. Chemical catalyst and carrier,
    2. Gas purification,
    3. Solvent recycling
    4. Oil bleaching, refining
    5. Stored chemicals exhaust purification
    6. Preparation of various impregnants
  1. Food industry
    1. Refining and bleaching of sugar, beverages, alcohol, monosodium glutamate mother liquor and food
    2. Drink water treatment
  2. Gold industry
    1. Gold extraction - for CIP (carbon in pulp) and heap leaching gold extraction process
    2. Tail liquid recycling - waste utilization and environmental protection of the gold mine
  3. Environmental industry
    1. Sewage treatment,
    2. Treatment of exhaust fumes and harmful gases,
    3. Gas purification,
    4. Air purification,
    5. Pre-treatment wastewater recycling
  4. Automobile industry
    1. Automobile exhaust purification
    2. Automotive gasoline evaporative emission control
  5. Military
  6. Metallurgy
  7. Bio Pharmaceutical
  8. Other industries
    1. Cigarette filter,
    2. Wood flooring moisture proof, flavor removal
activated carbon application areas